I am not left handed.

About Charlie

I was born a southern peach to the Burger Family while my Dad was posted at Fort Benning, GA with the US Army. As a family, we were transferred to Southwestern Turkey for three years. During this time, I started school–at home. When my Dad retired from the service, and we returned stateside to New York’s Greater Binghamton, where my home education continued until 8th Grade. At that time, I started attending a Christian school in the area. I played soccer and basketball all through high-school, as well as participated in the traveling choir. It was through sports and choir that I met some of my best friends and future wife.

I proceeded to attend college, attaining a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology. While studying in central New York, I developed an interest in web design. After graduating, I landed a job working for an aviation simulation company. Building training devices for militaries all over the world, I developed a love for systems engineering and integration. Eventually, I transitioned to building commercial and military avionics.

Elizabeth and Charlie

The Family

Family Christmas

In early 2008, I married a very special, beautiful woman, Elizabeth. We had a small wedding ceremony at Howe Caverns. With marriage came a crazy cat, Monte. We also have adopted into our family a kitten, Jade, and have great memories of our puppy, Ruby. Elizabeth and I enjoy spending our time travelling, worshipping, walking, eating, and working on our home

In my spare time, I enjoy many hobbies, including (but not limited to) hanging out with the awesome folks at Sub Terra Church, motorcycling, cycling, quoting movie lines, designing web-based solutions, playing soccer, listening to music, watching movies, learning about new technologies, and salivating over German cars (VW/Audi, BMW, Porsche, etc.). I do not like artificially flavored banana candies, and wish that people would learn to use their turn signals properly.

The Brand

Originally intended as a business brand, Solution Three has become more like a digital playground for a few of my projects. Never having officially launched the brand, I have decided to embrace the destiny it seems to have been called to—a melting pot of various facets of my life.

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